Cowboysbelt is a brand that was founded in 1980 in Amsterdam in an old hospital. First, as the name suggests, there was at Cowboysbelt belt. Cowboysbelt stands for handmade quality pieces, where it has long sia joy. All in all, the look is traditional, but in addition to coarse leather belts with distinctive buckles, there are also fine, a little bulky models that can be reconciled easily with the business outfit.


The correct belt size is determined not rocket science. The belt size (eg 90) corresponds to the distance between the center hole and belt end (depending on who you ask, with or without buckle). The best snaps we get a well-fitting belt, and attaches itself. Those who have a belt on hand, which measures exactly the best for, and indeed there, where the belt should sit after. These results can then determine the belt size. As the belt length is indeed measured from the center hole fits a size 85 belt and a woman with a 90 cm waist. Generally speaking, more is more, rather than buying too large to small, punches, there are quite cheap at craft store.

In addition to the main business of the belts, which is indeed now for about 30 years, there are now pockets of the traditional brand. Consequently, the brand is then in this area Cowboysbag. And the bags are exactly to my liking:

Leather, functional, classic, timeless. This shows you are not satisfied and they match many outfits. The best well with jeans, white blouse and boots – so spacious us practical as they are, they are also perfect for the office or the university. I’m definitely excited by the Dutch label and hope to see in the future to many new models of Cowboysbag. Among other things, the model of Sheffield (see left) and a selection of belts (and above) are available in Germany for example, online at Zalando (Free shipping and 100 days to return, click on the images lead to the shop). In addition to the leather model Sheffield there are many models in a rough leather, which come along a little rustic. Rugged leather bags are in fashion – and to fit exactly the pockets of Cowboysbag. Other models and other accessories can be found on the website of Cowboysbelt, but not ordering.

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