Louis Vuitton – hardly a logo is more widespread and is coveted by so many. The Louis Vuitton bags are the most counterfeit products worldwide – and is hardly a brand so much for luxury. For over 150 years – the family Vuitton, the company leads in the fifth generation – Louis Vuitton reinvents the luxury of constantly renewed. Louis Vuitton is now flagship brand and the largest luxury group in the world. It all started in the mid-19th Century, opens up as the visionary Louis Vuitton luggage with tailored a new market.

Today’s distinctive monogram adorns not only luggage and bags, but also clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and other accessories. “LV” is a distinctive logo, which in the new millennium, thanks to star designer Marc Jacobs‘ gaudy colors, and is conducted in more and more interpretations to new life and new success. Louis Vuitton – The invention of luxury”is not only a sumptuous and worthy tribute to a legendary label, but also a fascinating cultural history and time travel, starting in the Paris streets of the 19th Century to the present in which French elegance and style are exported globally.

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