This recording covers the relatively large field of the constellation Ophiuchus (see lines). It is located south of Hercules, and between the head (right) and the tail of the snake (left) holds the Ophiuchus as “Ophiuchus“.


In mid of June Ophiuchus about 23:30 local time, the clock maximum height above the horizon. The declination of the constellation borders ranges from -30 to +14 degrees. The brightest star is Ras Alhague visible top left, like using a visual magnitude of 2.14.

The field is very close in the direction of the galactic center, which is eight degrees below the lower left corner. Therefore, many galactic deep sky objects are present. Especially for its abundance of globular clusters Ophiuchus is known. The spatial distribution of globular clusters in our galaxy is spherical with a strong concentration at the center of the Milky way. The galactic distribution of field stars and open clusters, however, is disc-shaped, which defines the Milky Way plane. The brightest globular cluster in Ophiuchus are M 10 and M 12, both easily found in binoculars. Also interesting is the extremely large emission nebula Sharpless 27th Its very low surface brightness but only lets him photographs of long exposure photographs SHOW UP, visually it is not visible. The boundaries of Ophiuchus take just a moment to below the region shown here with the interesting field around Rho Ophiuchi.

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