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Preparing for Breastfeeding

It is normal to have concerns about breastfeeding. Your ability to produce milk is not related to the size or shape of your breasts, and women with flat or inverted nipples, or who’ve had some kinds of breast surgery, can also successfully breastfeed.


Breastfeeding does not require any special preparations. Your breasts may be tender initially and increase in size as their milk-producing cells grow and multiply. The dark skin around your nipple (called the areola) will also get larger and darker as your pregnancy progresses; this is nature’s way of making your breasts easy to find for your baby. The small bumps on the areola (called Montgomery glands) also play a role in breastfeeding. They produce a substance that softens the skin, may slow the growth of bacteria, and produces a familiar scent that will guide your baby to your breast.

Women used to believe that they needed to prepare their nipples (with nipple rolling or rubbing with towels to “toughen them up”) for breastfeeding to reduce the likelihood of nipple soreness. But nipple soreness usually happens when the baby is not latched on correctly, so positioning your baby correctly on the areola, not the nipple, will help, although some adjustment soreness is to be expected.

Little tantrums

These only last a short time and the child’s feelings are not totally out of control. Young children do not always have the words to say what they need or want. Their world is full of bigger people telling them what to do and what not to do. Young children do not have many inner strengths to cope with stress and frustration.

Sometimes children learn that busy parents are likely to give in to what they want if they ‘carry on’ long enough. This may mean constant asking, ‘whining’ or having little tantrums. The child is not out of control at this stage. She has learnt that tantrums work, e.g. gets something if she pesters long enough. Sometimes little tantrums can grow into big ‘boil over’ tantrums. Read more

Set up a safe environment

One of the most important things a parent can do is to establish a safe environment. Preschoolers move quickly and love to climb and explore. Take a close look at your home including the exterior, garage, and yard. You may be able to avoid some accidents. Fix, repair, toss, or lock up anything that might be a danger to your child. It also is important to be on the look out for dangerous situations while running errands or visiting others with your children. Having a safe place to play and appropriate toys to play with can save you from saying “NO,” making your job as a parent much easier.

Communicating with Newborns

Newborns like to be held and cuddled – it’s essential for healthy brain development. A good hug is worth a whole conversation and makes him feel loved and wanted. Your baby also loves being close to you.

Making skin to skin contact, or being carried in a baby pouch or sling, helps him feel connected and safe. You could also try baby massage. Babies also use their sight and hearing to interpret the world around them. To tell him, ‘I care about you’, maintain eye contact until he looks away.

A smiling face looking into his and a warm, sing-song voice help your newborn feel content and protected. At just a few days old, your baby can recognise your voice. He can also tell a soft, gentle tone from a harsh, angry one. Since he can’t change his own behaviour until much older, any anger you direct at him will only confuse and scare him.

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