Cartier 9169 CROCO Set BLACK ♡34x13x23 ♡ Bahan Croco (kena 2kg) ♡ SemPrem   Rp  475.000 (TAS CARTIER)Nicholas Edison Abigail Flats Orange   Rp. 399,000  Nicholas Edison Abigail Flats Orange hadir dengan desain modern dan warna pilihan yang stylish. Sempurna untuk beragam outfit favorit agar tampilan kasual menjadi lebih chic. So pretty!  Flat shoes kombinasi material velvet warna orange. Detail aksesoris pita motif polkadot multiwarna. Heel: 1 cm.  Insole Sizing : Size 36 = 23 cm, Size 37 = 23,7 cm, Size 38 = 24.5, Size 39 = 25 cm, Size 40 = 25.5 cm (Nicholas Edison - ShOes, Wedges)Ransel Kanvas motif Beruang Coklat uk 30x33 - Rp 325.000 (TAS ANAK) (CROCS - MAN)Celine Belt 9418 WHITE  ukran 30x28  ~ semipremium   RP 500.000 (TAS CELINE)LV BERKELEY MULTI WHITE uk 35X26X15  INCLUDE : DUSTBAG  CERTIFICATE SERIAL NUMBER (TAS LOUIS VUITTON SEMI PREMIUM / SEMI ORI)
 (MUKENA ANAK)Charles & Keith 1811 Leather Black 27x14x21 ~ Semprem Rp 490.000 (TAS CHARLES & KEITH)INSIDE (TAS LOUIS VUITTON SEMI PREMIUM / SEMI ORI) (CROCS - MAN)YSL 9985 Set Pouch APRICOT  ♡31x13x27 Bahan Kulit♡ SUPER    RP 470.000 (TAS YSL)COACH 3Ruang 100# BLACK uk 35x11x33cm Bahan Kulit Jeruk-Inside Kain ~ SUPER    RP 550.000 (TAS COACH)

Michael Kors


 Perancang fashion Michael Kors lahir di Long Island New York pada tahun 1959. Dengan Ibu, Joan Krystosek Kors, yang merupakan seorang model sehingga memberikan bakat alami seorang Michael Kors untuk terjun ke dunia fashion ditambah lagi memiliki latar belakang keluarganya dimana kakeknya berbisnis di industri tekstil. Joan Krystosek sang ibu pernah menjadi model Revlon yang banyak memberikan inspirasi dan semangat untuk mempelajari dunia fashion, bahkan Michael Kors diarahkan untuk mempelajari dunia peran sejak kecil dengan sempat muncul pada iklan sereal ketika berumur 4 tahun.

 Michael Kors mulai merancang pakaian pada usia 19 tahun ketika belajar desain fashion di Fashion Institute of Technology di New York. Tahun 1981 Michael Kors meluncurkan Kors baris pertamanya yang dikenal dengan Michael Kors Womenswear. Koleksi pertama Michael Kors menjadi sangat populer sehingga menempatkan namanya sebagai up kredibel pendatang baru desainer. Pada tahun 1997 Michael Kors sempat menjadi Direktur Kreatif rumah mode Prancis Celine dan kemudian pada tahun 2003 Michael Kors memutuskan untuk membuat merek sendiri.  Sampai saat ini koleksi Michael Kors sudah merambah pada pakaian dan aksesoris termasuk tas Michael Kors.

Fashion koleksi Michael Kors sangat populer dan terkenal karena daya tariknya pada desain halus, canggih dan sangat kasual yang dapat dipakai untuk wanita dan pria.  Michael Kors memiliki ciri khas pada gaya desainnya adalah tampilannya yang sangat polished dan sleek sehingga membuat siapapun yang mengenakannya tampil jetset. Sehingga trend fashion Michael Kors sudah pasti banyak digunakan oleh bintang Hollywood seperti Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones dan Jennifer Garner yang mengenakan gaun Kors saat Academy Awards pada tahun 2006. Bahkan Michelle Obama tak luput ikut mendukung dengan bergaya mengenakan gaun Michael Kors dalam foto resmi pertama setelah suaminya terpilih sebagai Presiden AS baru. Kesan sederhana yang sering diangkat Michael Kors dengan tetap memiliki unsur mewah yang santai dan nyaman.

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Gucci black leather handbag


Gucci handbag, luxurious extra soft calf leather with silver jewelry parts, a stable strap.

Over shoulder be taken as an eye-catching silver-colored snap hook, bag closed with zipper, inside, black cotton lining with zipper pocket, Gucci storage bag, Gucci authenticity card with a control number, Ma § e 30 cm x 32 cm x 9.5 cm, 100% original product, made in ITALY

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Prada handbag beige buckskin


Prada handbag made deerskin beige, very soft durable deerskin, exclusive craftsmanship, treated with natural products, a shoulder carrying handle Guerteloptik, brushed and gold jewelry items, gold-plated Prada logo, zipper closure, inside: zippered pocket and drawer, separate cell phone pocket, high-quality beige LOGO -jacquard lining.

Prada logo embossed on leather label, measuring 35 cm x 26 cm x 15 cm, Height with handle: 46 cm, PRADA Echtheitszertivikat and storage bags from Prada, 100% original product, made in ITALY

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Louis Vuitton: Icons


Louis Vuitton classic design is an integral part of the history of travel chic. From tribes to bags, wine holders have traveled the lively style of the volume is presented in time and fashion, always a classic that never look old. With the genius of Marc Jacobs, the symbols of this new area where art and fashion that must be entered directly. Published on the occasion of Louis Vuitton Icons exhibition organized Collector’s band, is the basis for a major luxury brand celebrated works feature Andree Putman, architect Zaha Hadid and Shigeru Ban, video artist Tim White-Sobieski, director-designer Robert Wilson, and artist James Turrell, Sylvie Fleury, Bruno Peinado, and Ugo Rondinone.

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Miu miu and Prada


Little sister of Prada, Miu Miu wants to be more modern, playful and accessible as this one. The Italian is all the rage in the world for its contemporary lines and feminine.

Miu Miu is a brand of ready to wear after the illustrious house Prada. Founded in 1992 by Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand Prada, she wants to be less expensive and more rebellious than the parent. The line is known for its young and stylish designs, and for the use of materials of excellent quality.

The label Miu Miu, whose name is Inpiration Miuccia Prada‘s nickname, is a playful line, a laboratory novelty of the Italian fashion house Prada. Doll dresses to skirts to baggy shorts with stripes, the brand Miu Miu in his first parade was not afraid of anything.

Against received ideas of fashion, Miu Miu look proves ironic opposite of all the major designers. The collections differ in any point of femmes fatales lace that can be seen in parades Prada. Miu Miu relies on its uniqueness, in a spirit both girly and provocative.


Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet


This Zippy Louis Vuitton wallet holds bills, credit cards, cash and identity papers. It is manufactured in Epi leather and equipped with a zipper.

Size (WxHxD): 19.5 cm x 10cm x 2cm

– Epi leather, leather lining and brass fittings.
– Zip
– Eight credit card pockets
– Open bill compartment
– coin compartment with zip
– Three large compartments with gussets part for papers and passport
– Two interior patch pockets on each side


Louis Vuitton Elise Wallet


This Louis Vuitton wallet in Monogram canvas with a twofold purpose. On the one hand, it has a coin compartment with snap closure, on the other hand, it reveals a wallet.

Size (WxHxD): 11cm x 10cm

– Monogram canvas, lining from cross-grain leather
– coin compartment with snap closure, long bill compartment, four credit card pockets, two small compartments


Louis Vuitton Keepall bags


The spacious and comfortable Louis Vuitton was created in 1924. This Louis Vuitton travel bag in Damier Canvas is extremely soft and comfortable. It has a double zipper and a detachable name tag.

Size (WxHxD): 50cm x 29cm x 22cm

– Damier canvas, textile lining and smooth leather trimmings
– Golden brass
– Double zipper
– Rounded handles with handle attachment
– Removable name tags
– Cabin size

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Replica handbags from branded bags


Most women want to do well in public, especially on special occasions. If we speak of performance for women that means we need to talk about how they choose their clothes and accessories. Say you want to find the common accessory made by women if they want to go at some.

The answer is simple: behind because most women put on their most important accessory. Sometimes the price of the bag is expensive and how to get it is cheaper by buying a replica. We has hundreds of replica handbags from several popular brands. There are two examples that you can see from our online store. First, you can see the list of replica Chanel handbags.

Although it is a replica bag, but the material and design are similar to true. Second, you can also check out the handbags Louis Vuitton replicas on their catalog. New products for Louis Vuitton replica bags are available and if you want to buy, just check the product details, including price. There will be several unique replica bags you can buy and of course you can use when you want to attend some special occasions such as wedding parties or to make your appearance looks glamorous and elegant than before.

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Handbag: Spring or Summer 2010


What about the handbag trend of summer 2010? She wants unbridled, especially casual and practical. The clothing collections are with pastel colors, blends or contrasts of printed materials stunning, ditto for our favorite accessory. Amazon, or ethnic chic, the choice is yours!

To summarize, the style shows loud and clear back to the ’90s with a backpack or fanny. Of course, the holding must agree with the accessory and it will take effect on color, patterns, leather, fringe or jewelry.

Paul & Joe’s wallet to wallet frangesLa fringed by Paul & Joe

The wallet still celebrate his long years of existence, the aim being to wear casual ‘. For substances that summer will be supple leather with shades of natural colors: beige, camel, yellow mustard, brown plain or with studs, pearls, chains and embroidery. For a more chic, it will be the rigid saddlebags vintage style handbag satchel or bag.

The tote canvas tote The Marc by Marc Jacobs

The part I like best is the influence ethnic bobo with the arrival of large shopping Bags or beach ball with a profusion of colors, polka dot, flower (print Liberty explodes), stripes (a reference to the eternal sailor). The trend is a joy, a PATHWORKS color and nice associations.

alexanderLa studded leather clutch from Alexander Wang

Trendy sportswear revisited, a little hippy, with minimal accessories

Chanel flower basket romantiqueLe

Good girl all out there flirting with the romance of flowers and lace …

Stella mc CartneyLe bag glam chic Stella McCartney

Contrast material: satin shorts, perfect outfit to stroll the beach and bling accessory sober

GucciLe satchel bag Gucci

Femme fatale with a preference for hand-carried Bags

The strong trend in the summer of 2010 remains the bag easy to carry and lightweight, so it decided I opt for style Marc by Marc Jacobs


LVC-B625	38 X 12 X 26  TAS LV SUNRISE DENIM ORANGE  - SUPER AA / DETAIL (TAS LOUIS VUITTON FOXTAIL DENIM SUPER)GIORGIO ARMANI 9233-2 COFFEE - SUPER  RP 410.000  Uk 22x6x24 (MAN COLLECTION)MUKENA BALI REMPEL RP 165.000 (MUKENA BALI REMPEL)Longchamp set uk M purple ~ Rp 350.000  Bahan nilon tebal (bkn parasut) dilapisin bhn kulit bagian dlm top handle kulit tebal 18x27 lebar atas 30 (TAS MIX BRANDED)Dompet LV emboss  FOR MEN- SUPER   Rp 260.000 (DOMPET - MIX BRANDED) (CROCS - BOYS AND GIRLS)
Hermes Lindy Taiga 30cm BLACK ~ Rp 400.000 Free Syal + Rodeo (TAS HERMES)Montblanc Slempang Man , sz 24x4cm ~ Super Rp 490.000 (MAN COLLECTION)Hermes Birkin Taiga 25cm Baby Pink - Super Rp 750.000 (TAS HERMES SUPER)Victoria Beckham BLUE Bag in Bag, uk 32x28cm - Semi Premium   Rp 500.000 (TAS VICTORIA BECKHAM)PASHMINA BURBERRY Uk 170X65 @ RP 130.000  ORANGE - PURPLE - FANTA (ACCESSORIES COLLECTION)NICHOLAS EDISON AVIRA FLAT CAMEL   RP 350.000 (Nicholas Edison - ShOes, Wedges)