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How young children learn about food and eating


It is important that toddlers see parents eating and enjoying healthy food – are you a good role model for your child? It is normal for young children to be wary about eating a food they have not met before and these are ways to help them.

  • Offer the food in a happy environment. Children tend to like foods that they associate with fun. (This is why fast food outlets can become so popular.)

  • Keep offering the food on several occasions. It can take 8 to 15 tries before the food becomes familiar and a child accepts it.
  • Don’t insist that the food is eaten and don’t offer a reward for eating it. Both of these measures have been shown to make children dislike that food.
  • Children are more likely to want a food if they are told they can’t have it or if it is used as a reward.

Children have the natural ability to know how much food they need and they do not usually overeat. However they can easily lose this skill. If children are pushed to eat more than they want or encouraged to finish everything on the plate, they may learn not to stop when they have had enough. This can lead to weight problems later.

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To prevent baldness, eat the right foods


Persons with a tendency to lose hair (baldness) should thus take a well balanced and correct diet, made up of foods which in combination should supply all the essential nutrients. 


It has been found that a diet which contains liberal quantities of
(i) seeds, nuts and grains
(ii) vegetables and
(iii) fruits
would provide adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients.

Each food group should roughly form the bulk of one of the three principal meals. These foods should, however, be supplemented with certain special foods such as milk, vegetable oils, honey, wheat germ, yeast and liver.


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