Victoria beckham  Cinderella Pink  Rp 480.000  Ukrn 30x17/ 24×16.   Kualitas Semprem. (TAS VICTORIA BECKHAM) (TAS BURBERRY) (TAS BONIA ORIGINAL) (TAS BOTTEGA) (TAS CARTIER)MUKENA BALI 012 FROZEN UNGU ~ Rp 130.000 BAHAN KATON RAYON UK Atasan 90cm  UK Bawahan 90cm (MUKENA ANAK)
 (TAS CARTIER)Kate Spade 1566 Red ~ SEMPREM   RP 470.000  uk 26.5x12x20cm (TAS MIX)Dompet Gucci Belt Rest 1 Black, sz 20x10cm, Bahan Taiga ~ Rp 350.000 (DOMPET) (TAS CELINE) (FITFLOP) (TAS MICHAEL KORS)

Chinese New Year


The fusion of ancient and modern traditions is the special attraction of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, one of the largest festivals of its kind. Old traditions and fascinating rituals of the Chinese culture are the focus of this festival.

The festive mood at this time is literally contagious. The people welcome you with enthusiasm the new year. The highlights include giant flower markets, vibrant night parades, a sensational fireworks, sports events and more.

In 2007, named the travel guide publisher Lonely Planet, “the festival has become one of the most fascinating that no one should miss.


Bags made of velvet dreams


The bag Bibi from the Flower Jacquard Collection The Bag “Biba”from the Flower Jacquard ”
Collection has wide embroidered Henkel.

Bags with romantic floral patterns on black velvet – romantic could the new bags collection “Flower Jacquard” hardly be. Bags in pure romance Look presents the Dutch designer Leontine Hagoort with her new line “Flower Jacquard. The line of jewelry charms with flowers in pink and yellow on black heavy jacquard fabric. The feminine side of the collection is emphasized by elaborate ornamentation, such as leather handles and metal fittings and give the bag a nice touch.

For each bag type of us women are the must-have from the collection: the various models, “Biba”, “Bonny, ” Bohemian “and ” Bibi “. We can choose between high quality fine leather handles, embroidered Samthenkeln wide, removable shoulder straps and a decorative bracelet of metal.

This romantic trend we do with you. and allow for even our times Dakine backpack at home. Since we have only deciding which bag from the “Flower Jacquard” series is our favorite.


LV-B1237 40 X 9 X 31  TAS 95852 LV SUNRISE FOXTAIL DENIM PURPLE - SUPER AA  Descriptions PRODUK KW SUPER AA TERBUAT DARI BAHAN KULIT DENIM DALAMAN SUEDE ACCESSORIES KW SUPER MADE IN KOREA  INCLUSION : -LV CARD/BOOK CERTIFICATE -DUSTBAG (TAS LOUIS VUITTON FOXTAIL DENIM SUPER) (TAS BONIA ORIGINAL)Tas selempang Armany  bahan kulit  ~ Super  Rp 390.000  Note : Keterangan lengkap ada di gambar (MAN COLLECTION) (CROCS - BOYS AND GIRLS)Hellokity Tanslucent Speedy Green    Rp 400.000  uk bag. 20x13x7 uk dompet 17x10 bahan kokoh kinclong Kwalitas SEMI PREMIUM (TAS MIX) (TAS KIPLING)
Givenchy Flower Special Edition    Rp 470.000  9cm heel chrome 36-40 *glitter  #black #gold  Include box  (SHOES & WEDGES)Rolex Skeleton Crown Black D 3.5cm   Rp 400.000 (JAM TANGAN)Nicholas Edison Elena Sandal Heels Beige  Rp. 499,000  Nicholas Edison Elena Sandal Heels Beige. Sandal heels dengan model simpel dalam pilihan warna netral. Padukan dengan blus favorit dan skiiny jeans untuk gaya kasual yang chic.  Platform sandal warna beige dari bahan PU synthetic. Detail stitching. Insole sizing 36 (23 cm), 37 (23.5 cm), 38 (24 cm), 39 (24.5 cm), 40 (25 cm). Tinggi heels 11 cm. (NICHOLAS EDISON SHOES) (TAS LOUIS VUITTON SEMI PREMIUM / SEMI ORI) (TAS CHRISTIAN DIOR)Inside Foxtail pink (TAS LOUIS VUITTON FOXTAIL DENIM SUPER)