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Little tantrums


These only last a short time and the child’s feelings are not totally out of control. Young children do not always have the words to say what they need or want. Their world is full of bigger people telling them what to do and what not to do. Young children do not have many inner strengths to cope with stress and frustration.

Sometimes children learn that busy parents are likely to give in to what they want if they ‘carry on’ long enough. This may mean constant asking, ‘whining’ or having little tantrums. The child is not out of control at this stage. She has learnt that tantrums work, e.g. gets something if she pesters long enough. Sometimes little tantrums can grow into big ‘boil over’ tantrums. Read more

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Set up a safe environment


One of the most important things a parent can do is to establish a safe environment. Preschoolers move quickly and love to climb and explore. Take a close look at your home including the exterior, garage, and yard. You may be able to avoid some accidents. Fix, repair, toss, or lock up anything that might be a danger to your child. It also is important to be on the look out for dangerous situations while running errands or visiting others with your children. Having a safe place to play and appropriate toys to play with can save you from saying “NO,” making your job as a parent much easier.


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