Tas Bonia Original Croco  *** AUTHENTIC LIMITED EDITION ***  Kode produk : bonia ori -1261-blue Size : 33 x 15 x 22cm Bahan : kulit Warna : blue Kelengkapan : dustbag , sertifikat ,gantungan tas (TAS BONIA ORIGINAL)Givenchy Pouch Flower - Black # Semprem  # Uk 19x11x16cm # Bahan Taiga # Rp 400.000 (TAS GIVENCHY) (FITFLOP)RE STOCK LV FOXTAIL MESSANGER PINK (2 BELT)  KW SUPER , LIST KULIT BISA MATANG, NO SERI,  SERTIFIKAT, DUST BAG KUNING TEBAL, MADE IN KOREA (TAS LOUIS VUITTON FOXTAIL DENIM SUPER) (CROCS - MAN)VICTORIA BECKHAM BLUE ~25x15x26cm ~ SEMPREM   RP 500.000 (TAS VICTORIA BECKHAM)
 (TAS BOTTEGA)Hermes Carmen Keychain Ungu-Pink Semi premium Sarung premium Harga Rp 85.000 (ACCESSORIES COLLECTION) (FITFLOP) (TAS CELINE) (CROCS - BOYS AND GIRLS)Dompet Gucci Lipat 3 - Super @ Rp 350.000 (DOMPET)

Miu miu and Prada


Little sister of Prada, Miu Miu wants to be more modern, playful and accessible as this one. The Italian is all the rage in the world for its contemporary lines and feminine.

Miu Miu is a brand of ready to wear after the illustrious house Prada. Founded in 1992 by Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand Prada, she wants to be less expensive and more rebellious than the parent. The line is known for its young and stylish designs, and for the use of materials of excellent quality.

The label Miu Miu, whose name is Inpiration Miuccia Prada‘s nickname, is a playful line, a laboratory novelty of the Italian fashion house Prada. Doll dresses to skirts to baggy shorts with stripes, the brand Miu Miu in his first parade was not afraid of anything.

Against received ideas of fashion, Miu Miu look proves ironic opposite of all the major designers. The collections differ in any point of femmes fatales lace that can be seen in parades Prada. Miu Miu relies on its uniqueness, in a spirit both girly and provocative.

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Louis Vuitton Keepall bags


The spacious and comfortable Louis Vuitton was created in 1924. This Louis Vuitton travel bag in Damier Canvas is extremely soft and comfortable. It has a double zipper and a detachable name tag.

Size (WxHxD): 50cm x 29cm x 22cm

– Damier canvas, textile lining and smooth leather trimmings
– Golden brass
– Double zipper
– Rounded handles with handle attachment
– Removable name tags
– Cabin size


Replica handbags from branded bags


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Although it is a replica bag, but the material and design are similar to true. Second, you can also check out the handbags Louis Vuitton replicas on their catalog. New products for Louis Vuitton replica bags are available and if you want to buy, just check the product details, including price. There will be several unique replica bags you can buy and of course you can use when you want to attend some special occasions such as wedding parties or to make your appearance looks glamorous and elegant than before.


Furla Hellios Junior Red ~ Semi Ori  Rp 490.000  Ukrn 26x19cm (TAS FURLA) (CROCS - MAN) (TAS AIGNER) (TAS WEBE) (CROCS - WOMAN) (TAS LOUIS VUITTON FASHION)
Aigner Queen Embos #7311 Navy Blue ~ Semi Ori  Uk28x24x11cm ~  Rp 480.000 (TAS AIGNER)Bottega Veneta 3058#29 set 3in1 RED ~ SEMPREM  RP 500.000  Bahan Kulit Rajut uk 41x28x13cm (TAS BOTTEGA)LV B011# 3in1 CAMEL ~ SEMI PREMIUM  RP 500.000  Leather, UK 37x12x28cm (TAS LOUIS VUITTON FASHION)NICHOLAS EDISON ANNA HEELS BLACK   RP 450.000 (NICHOLAS EDISON SHOES) (FITFLOP) (CROCS - WOMAN)