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Stress Causes Headaches

Intense emotions often cause headaches. Many people who outwardly appear to have a pleasant disposition may actually be simmering about a job, or may bear resentment towards a person or something. This hidden hostility may manifest itself as headache.


It is important, therefore, that negative feelings should not be bottled up, but should find some safe means of expressions. How can you know your headache is due to stress? The answer is simple. Tight neck muscles are a sign of stress. Pain across the forehead is a sign of stress.

What can you do to treat stress headaches. To relieve tension, add tension. Tighten the muscles at the back of the neck as you count 10, and then release. If you repeat this exercise several times, your headache will be relieved.

Facial Exercises

Do you find as you age you have lost elasticity and tone in your face? Here are some wonderful exercises to firm and tone the muscles in your face and neck and give you back your youthful appearance. Read more

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