LV Speedy Vernish all Colors Rp 575.000 (TAS LOUIS VUITTON FASHION)Nicholas Edison Viona Flat Shoes Tosca   Rp 329.000  Nicholas Edison Viona Flat Shoes Tosca hadir dengan aksen glossy dan model T-bar yang stylish. Padukan dengan outfit favorit untuk gaya kasual yang chic.So pretty!  Sandal warna mustard dari kombinasi bahan patent leather dan metallic. Open toe, sling back, detail gold buckle. Insole sizing 36 (23.5 cm), 37 (24 cm), 38 (24.5 cm), 39 (25 cm), 40 (25.5 cm). Tinggi heels 1 cm. (Nicholas Edison - ShOes, Wedges)Botega Venetta Arsty Brown 43x15x37 - Rp 500.000 (TAS BOTTEGA)Tas Selempang Burberry for Man, bahan kulit uk 24x5x29 - SUPER Rp 450.000 (DRESS, KAOS, SKIRT, keRen - keREn)CHANEL 1113 GOLD Double Flap 28x8x16 - RP 480.000 (TAS CHANEL)Gucci Bamboo Gold - Super Rp 650.000 (TAS GUCCI)
MUKENA BALI JUMBO RP 175.000 (MUKENA BALI size JUMBO)MUKENA BALI REMPEL RP 165.000 (MUKENA BALI REMPEL)Chanel 080L BRoWn - Rp 310.000 (KACAMATA BRANDED) (TAS BOTTEGA)Burberry HOBO BRIT 1065 COFFEE Uk~26x20x34cm - Semi Premium   Rp 500.000 (TAS BURBERRY)Inside Gucci Emboss (TAS GUCCI)

Louis Vuitton The invention of luxury


Louis Vuitton – hardly a logo is more widespread and is coveted by so many. The Louis Vuitton bags are the most counterfeit products worldwide – and is hardly a brand so much for luxury. For over 150 years – the family Vuitton, the company leads in the fifth generation – Louis Vuitton reinvents the luxury of constantly renewed. Louis Vuitton is now flagship brand and the largest luxury group in the world. It all started in the mid-19th Century, opens up as the visionary Louis Vuitton luggage with tailored a new market.

Today’s distinctive monogram adorns not only luggage and bags, but also clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and other accessories. “LV” is a distinctive logo, which in the new millennium, thanks to star designer Marc Jacobs‘ gaudy colors, and is conducted in more and more interpretations to new life and new success. Louis Vuitton – The invention of luxury”is not only a sumptuous and worthy tribute to a legendary label, but also a fascinating cultural history and time travel, starting in the Paris streets of the 19th Century to the present in which French elegance and style are exported globally.

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Miu miu and Prada


Little sister of Prada, Miu Miu wants to be more modern, playful and accessible as this one. The Italian is all the rage in the world for its contemporary lines and feminine.

Miu Miu is a brand of ready to wear after the illustrious house Prada. Founded in 1992 by Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the brand Prada, she wants to be less expensive and more rebellious than the parent. The line is known for its young and stylish designs, and for the use of materials of excellent quality.

The label Miu Miu, whose name is Inpiration Miuccia Prada‘s nickname, is a playful line, a laboratory novelty of the Italian fashion house Prada. Doll dresses to skirts to baggy shorts with stripes, the brand Miu Miu in his first parade was not afraid of anything.

Against received ideas of fashion, Miu Miu look proves ironic opposite of all the major designers. The collections differ in any point of femmes fatales lace that can be seen in parades Prada. Miu Miu relies on its uniqueness, in a spirit both girly and provocative.

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Louis Vuitton Keepall bags


The spacious and comfortable Louis Vuitton was created in 1924. This Louis Vuitton travel bag in Damier Canvas is extremely soft and comfortable. It has a double zipper and a detachable name tag.

Size (WxHxD): 50cm x 29cm x 22cm

– Damier canvas, textile lining and smooth leather trimmings
– Golden brass
– Double zipper
– Rounded handles with handle attachment
– Removable name tags
– Cabin size

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Replica handbags from branded bags


Most women want to do well in public, especially on special occasions. If we speak of performance for women that means we need to talk about how they choose their clothes and accessories. Say you want to find the common accessory made by women if they want to go at some.

The answer is simple: behind because most women put on their most important accessory. Sometimes the price of the bag is expensive and how to get it is cheaper by buying a replica. We has hundreds of replica handbags from several popular brands. There are two examples that you can see from our online store. First, you can see the list of replica Chanel handbags.

Although it is a replica bag, but the material and design are similar to true. Second, you can also check out the handbags Louis Vuitton replicas on their catalog. New products for Louis Vuitton replica bags are available and if you want to buy, just check the product details, including price. There will be several unique replica bags you can buy and of course you can use when you want to attend some special occasions such as wedding parties or to make your appearance looks glamorous and elegant than before.

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Handbag: Spring or Summer 2010


What about the handbag trend of summer 2010? She wants unbridled, especially casual and practical. The clothing collections are with pastel colors, blends or contrasts of printed materials stunning, ditto for our favorite accessory. Amazon, or ethnic chic, the choice is yours!

To summarize, the style shows loud and clear back to the ’90s with a backpack or fanny. Of course, the holding must agree with the accessory and it will take effect on color, patterns, leather, fringe or jewelry.

Paul & Joe’s wallet to wallet frangesLa fringed by Paul & Joe

The wallet still celebrate his long years of existence, the aim being to wear casual ‘. For substances that summer will be supple leather with shades of natural colors: beige, camel, yellow mustard, brown plain or with studs, pearls, chains and embroidery. For a more chic, it will be the rigid saddlebags vintage style handbag satchel or bag.

The tote canvas tote The Marc by Marc Jacobs

The part I like best is the influence ethnic bobo with the arrival of large shopping Bags or beach ball with a profusion of colors, polka dot, flower (print Liberty explodes), stripes (a reference to the eternal sailor). The trend is a joy, a PATHWORKS color and nice associations.

alexanderLa studded leather clutch from Alexander Wang

Trendy sportswear revisited, a little hippy, with minimal accessories

Chanel flower basket romantiqueLe

Good girl all out there flirting with the romance of flowers and lace …

Stella mc CartneyLe bag glam chic Stella McCartney

Contrast material: satin shorts, perfect outfit to stroll the beach and bling accessory sober

GucciLe satchel bag Gucci

Femme fatale with a preference for hand-carried Bags

The strong trend in the summer of 2010 remains the bag easy to carry and lightweight, so it decided I opt for style Marc by Marc Jacobs


Louis Vuitton – Sunglasses 2010


Not easy for the claws upscale take their game on sunglasses. The offer is indeed such that they became vital to mark their differences if they want to bring fashionistas to carry their products rather than competition. To do this, the houses rely primarily on targeted communication, which is supposed to trigger the irrepressible desire to wear their sunglasses. Demonstrating the case with Louis Vuitton

If the technique is simple, it is no less subtle. For its summer 2010 campaign, and Louis Vuitton do not put on a 100% product advertising or on a stage classic like “Sea and Sun Model” (the first is indeed far too down-to-earth and seconds too conventional for a brand that wants to be diffusing hype).

In fact, whether through the omnipresent Marc Jacobs Field media, through its collaboration with Sofia Coppola or through its campaigns invitation to travel, Louis Vuitton continues to weave around his name to a story which everyone would participate. And here lies the genius of LVMH perfectly successful in targeting the desires of the consumer, without the clear incentive to purchase.

Thus, when one thinks alongside Sean Connery strolling beside a lagoon where we frolic in the grass with Francis Ford Coppola, it would be early-fact, so touched by the warm and reassuring that emanates from these pictures, unconsciously assimilate this feeling Vuitton products.
Sunglasses Louis Vuitton

However, this same charm that operates in the new campaign “solar” Louis Vuitton: there are not models impersonal taking the set, but charming ultra trendy socialites – Chrissie Miller, Annabelle Dexter-Jones Isabelle McNally and Josephine de la Baume – being photographed in the heart of New York.

As for the campaigns mentioned above, our first instinct is to want to join then these young women in their world. But if this wish is only feasible, Louis Vuitton consoles us by giving us the opportunity to wear the same accessories as those “it” girls on a spree, and thus access to fake this microcosm fantasize so much hype the world. Although less eye-catching than its competitors, and much more efficient …

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Western style handbag


They are made of leather, many small accessories and just simply look stylish: The new bags in a Western look. Beautiful hand bags can pretty much beat any woman’s heart. The must-haves this winter season look like flown directly from the Wild West and be right to let city-Cowgirls. And the great thing is: The new leather cases are genuine all-rounders.

With its rustic look feminen they are simply perfect for tough winter boots and thik outfits. But also romantic dresses in boho-look fit perfectly with the bags. The particular appeal of this combination lies in the exciting contrast of playful, feminine fabrics and sturdy leather.

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Toiletry Bag


The toiletry bag is a very personal item. It contains everything a person needs for his appearance and hygiene: brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup items, shower gel, shampoo, perfume, lipstick and other personal items.

There are lots of opportunities to get a toilet but there is little opportunity to afford a nice toiletry bag or stylish vanity case, refined with beautiful finishes and a European flair.


Tas Marc Jacobs Large Sequined Stam


Istilah “too much is never enough” terkadang sangat sesuai untuk menggambarkan beberapa bagian di dunia fashion khususnya fashion tas. Entah istilah itu untuk memahami industri ini sebagai bisnis atau memahami si jenius eksentrik dalam dunia mode yang luar biasa seperti Anna Dello Russo atau Daphne Guinness.

Marc Jacobs Large Sequined StamMarc Jacobs Large Sequined Stam
Marc Jacobs Large Sequined Stam

Semangat fashion dengan cita rasa fashion lama Eropa terutama Perancis yang terkenal dengan istilah Rococo (France Taste) akan selalu hidup dan sehat di suatu tempat yang diberi nama fashion. Bahkan tetap bertahan pada saat ekonomi yang sulit, dan bahkan memberikan semangat industri baru dalam menghadapi tekanan krisis ekonomi.

Seperti halnya dengan tas Marc Jacobs Large Sequined Stam. Banyak yang menyukai tas jenis Stam dengan model payet . Namun sayangnya, hasil akhirnya adalah terdapat kekurangan pada beberapa bagiannya. Seperti anda mungkin bisa menebak, keluhan utama dari model tas ini adalah ukuran tas yang terlalu besar untuk ukuran standar tas tangan, dan model tas lebih cocok untuk kalangan orang tua karena modelnya sedikit kuno. Mungkin disebabkan perpaduan warna dengan manik terlalu besar, seandainya dengan manik-manik yang lebih kecil maka efeknya akan lebih modern dan elegan.

Saya bisa melihat semangat yang menyenangkan yang mungkin ada pada tas ini tetapi tidak ada ide baru didalamnya. Harga tas ini sekitar $ 2350.

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Tas Miu Miu Paten Ruffle


Seperti perasaan aneh jika melihat sesuatu yang seolah pernah dilihat sebelumnya tetapi masih meragukan apakah itu sesuatu yang sama. Hal ini yang terjadi pada model tas Miu Miu Paten Ruffle dimana jika orang sebelumnya pernah melihat tas Marc Jacobs Vortex Tote akan mendapatkan perasaan yang sama.

Miu Miu Patent Ruffle BagMiu Miu Patent Ruffle Bag
Miu Miu Patent Ruffle Bag

Warna tas Miu Miu Paten Ruffle yang hitam dengan ruffles ‘genit’ dalam warna pink dan ungu yang memiliki tempat yang unik dalam kemewahan tas tangan. Perbedaan terletak pada bahannya dimana tas Marc Jacobs Vortex Tote terbuat dari bahan kulit biasa tetapi warna hitam pada bagian atasnya dengan model ruffles pink dan ungu sangat mirip sehingga terkadang sekilas akan terlihat sama. Adalah hal yang tidak mungkin bahwa desiner Miu Miu terinspirasi oleh tas Marc Jacobs, tetapi ada kesamaan yang cukup mencolok untuk memberikan kita alasan bahwa tas tersebut sama.

Beberapa orang berkomentar bahwa bentuk tas Miu Miu Paten Ruffle terlihat agak kembung dan hiasan terlalu ‘ramai’. Kemungkinan target Miu Miu adalah segmen anak muda dengan memberikan efek trend yang berulang atau menyerupai sehingga untuk model lainnya pada musim berikutnya akan terlihat lebih fresh. Harga tas Miu Miu Paten Ruffle sekitar $1050.

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Valentino Merie Pink, bahan kulit uk 28x11x26 - Semi Premium Rp 470.000 (TAS VALENTINO)COACH EBANIS SET 5208 GOLD - SUPER  UK 38X26 , LONG STRAP - RP 425.000 (TAS COACH)Tas Selempang Gucci for Man, bahan kulit uk 24x5x29 - SUPER Rp 450.000 (DRESS, KAOS, SKIRT, keRen - keREn)Fendi Taiga Blue sz 27x10x21 - Semi Premium Rp 430.000 (TAS MIX BRANDED)Inside (TAS CHRISTIAN DIOR)MUKENA BALI ANAK   RP 140,000 (MUKENA BALI UNTUK ANAK)